Revisit Georgetown’s colorful past with Friends of Georgetown History (aka “FOGHi”), a community club dedicated to the preservation of Seattle’s historic Georgetown neighborhood.

Although Alki in West Seattle is credited as "the birthplace of Seattle", Georgetown was in actuality the first area in Seattle to be settled by non-natives. The Collins family established their homestead on the shore of the Duwamish River in June of 1851 - two months before the Denny party's arrival.

Georgetown became a flourishing village full of agriculture, industry and entertainment and established itself as a city in 1904. There was a racetrack, air field, hospital, poor farm, several cemeteries, steamplant, theaters, numerous stores and saloons, and of course, roadhouses. To this day, you can see remnants of Georgetown's past in the architecture that remains from this era. Georgetown was annexed to Seattle in 1910 and the Duwamish River (which ran through the entire neighborhood) was straightened in 1913, changing much of the landscape to what it is today.

In the fall of 2004, a group of interested neighbors, historians, and community members formed an ad hoc group to create and implement a plan to identify, collect, preserve, exhibit, and publish unique aspects of the history of Georgetown. This group is known as the Friends of Georgetown History, and collectively produce the annual Georgetown Haunted History Tour in October.

Friends of Georgetown History perform at the Georgetown Haunted History Tour

Amanda Michelle Dillinger and Jesse Moore, act in the Georgetown Haunted History Tour. Photo by Mark Hoefer

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2013 Haunted History Tour poster. Design by Brandi Lane

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